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Wine colour Wishing Well

About Awesome Wells

Awesome Wells are the exciting and new must have addition for your special celebration for …..

 Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Baby Showers, Charity Events or any Special Occasion where a gift is bought

 Having an ‘Awesome Well’ at your special occasion, a Wishing Well provides a charming focal point, a way  of  requesting money, and doesn’t offend your guests. They will have a central point of where to place their cards and donations and also provides you with peace of mind that what you receive is safe and secure.

Information about Wishing Wells

By putting a cash gift anonymously or not, into the well, they are then invited to wish the recipient good fortune and happiness in their life and help to make their dreams come true.Many couples getting married would prefer to receive money or gift vouchers instead of a more traditional wedding gift. In an age where couples already have most household goods, the desire for cash gift donations is becoming a new tradition; enabling couples to put money towards starting a new life together in their own way. The same goes for any special occasion where a gift is usually given, again, cash to be spent as the recipient feels would be more beneficial to them and their needs, special birthdays can be a problem to buy for, an ‘Awesome Well’ would relieve any stress in deciding what to give therefore; making a monetary gift is favoured.

Why not order an Awesome Well as a gift?